Welcome, to the virtual home of Kierra S. Allen, MSW. If this is the first page you landed on, the MSW stands for Master of Social Work.  A creditienal such as that warrants a wand be issued as a daily work instrument with my clients, but I usually carry a couple of ballpoint pens in the place of it.  

When I am not investing my time into building my expertise as an aspiring social worker, I am creating no code websites and content packages for business projects. I really love technology and social media. Both serve as tools I desire to utilize in all my professional, personal and entrepreneurial endeavors. When it is all said and done, I want to be remembered as the woman you could not quite put into a “box”. Is she a social worker, entrepreneur,  or motivator? Maybe, she is all of it and more. 



  •  I’m a proud member of Generation Y! This is an important fact to share to create a sense of ownership for the amazing things us millennials are doing.
  •  I have traveled to two countries thus far! Only 194 more to go.
  •  I love research! No need for the shock and awe. Research is an essential component in understanding how to change behaviors. Basically, it’s a big deal, and I want to be a part of those changes. 
  •   I was a business owner at the tender age of 14. Yes ma’am (or sir), I have been at this entrepreneurship game for a decade plus. However, I have yet to become an “overnight success.”
  •  I really enjoy the area of medical social work–especially gerontology. Hey, I may be a millennial, but I am far from basic. There is so much we can learn at both a clinical and social level from the older population. Also, one of us millennials has to start thinking about our later years.
  • In an effort to meet my foreign language requirement in undergrad, I took American Sign Language (ASL I-III). Y’all, I was struggling in Spanish. Unfortunately, I have not been immersed in the d/Deaf and hearing impaired culture enough, so I am back at the beginner’s level. No worries, I will be back and better in no time.
P.S. I am a Southerner and unapologetic speaker of African American Vernacular English, colloquially known as ebonics.