Kierra S. Allen, LMSW is the creator of Social Work Prep and Everyday Social Work (launching in 2018). Kierra is passionate about bridging the health, wellness, and financial gaps among underserved and vulnerable populations. 



Kierra believes her purpose is to create innovative and transformative ways to help clients become the best version of themselves physically, mentally and financially. 

Kierra is a newcomer to the social work profession, but her entrepreneurial spirit combined with her social work knowledge and skills enable her to craft change for aspiring social workers, closet side hustlers, and persons alike.


I am presently working as a renal social worker in south Georgia. When I am not fulfilling the duties of my day job, I am offering educational support and guidance to college students and budding social workers. I enjoy research, and I am in the process of working on future publications. If I am not working, I am probably spending time with my family or traveling the world with some awesome people.


Kierra welcomes opportunities to assist clients and collaborate in brand partnerships that support the group in development for future social workers and aspiring entrepreneurs. 


Kierra is will be offering quarterly coaching services in 2018. Please visit the regularly site and follow all social media for updates on coaching services.

Speaking Engagements

Kierra is confident and engaging public speaker. Public speaking serves as an opportunity for Kierra to engage with future social workers, community stakeholders, businesses and more. Kierra is interested in speaking and hosting sessions at conferences, work retreats, and panels.


Kierra will be available for offering mentorship to three pre-social work/ social work majors. This opportunity will include one-on-one virtual and/or phone sessions that will provide valuable professional and personal direction for the future social worker. Please utilize the contact page for interest in the Mentorship opportunity.


Have a question about my content, want to work together, looking to collaborate, or just want to chat? Send me a message.